Ring in the New Year!

Well, it’s now 2016….2-0-1-6….can you believe it?  The last six months have been a whirlwind.  We had a nice holiday season with lots of family and friends around.  Mike is doing better.  He is still at work every day and participating in normal activity.  The biggest issue now seems to be the cold.  He is so thin (he still hasn’t been able to gain any weight back), so he is always cold.  We have really appreciated the gifts of scarves, sweaters, and warm socks!    Even pajamas.  Mike has never worn them, so it’s a whole new venture.  But he has very nice ones now – of course his favorite is his classic Brooks Brothers P.J.s.  But seriously, he is constantly bundling up with layers and layers.  It doesn’t help that Seattle has begun to get seriously cold in the last few weeks.  We had beautiful snow this last weekend, but that didn’t help Mike when he was taking down the holiday lights.

The eating is still an issue.  He is still on his feeding tube for all his nutrition. He says it’s getting old.  It’s boring and tasteless. But at least the tube has stayed in!  The good news is that he is trying a variety of foods to see if he can swallow them and if they taste at all, or if they DO taste, if they taste like he expects them to taste.  It’s weird – he can eat something like a blueberry and it will taste like something completely different.  He has managed to get soup, non-acidic fruit, oatmeal, milk, and cereal (his favorite is Captain Crunch with Crunchberries) down.  Sometimes, it’s just a few spoonfuls and sometimes he can do a whole bowl.  At least he is giving it all a try!  I think it’s time to take up shakes again.  If he can start eating more caloric items, he can gain some weight back and that will help a lot.

Because of the weight loss, he doesn’t want to exercise.  Any exertion right now makes him lose more weight.  And you all know Mike – he LOVES to exercise – so this is super hard for him.  He’s hoping to be able to ski soon.  That would be a great distraction.

So, all in all, things are going better.  It’s taking longer than we had hoped for.  And, since Mike is feeling better, he is more frustrated at the lack of progress.  But he’s here with us, and that is what counts.  Thank you all for continuing your prayers and support.  I still see friends that haven’t taken off the bracelets and I am blown away by that.  We are so very lucky to have you in our lives!

Oh – one last note.  Last weekend, we were invited by our close family friends, the Spears (Boehm/Messenger), to attend a double baptism for their new little babies, Jackson and Bradley.  It was such an honor to be there, and it was inspirational to see such a close family – with all the shenanigans that come with that!  It was a great reminder of what is really important in this life – family and close friends.

I hope this new year brings you all the joys in life!  Remember what is important and hug your loved ones extra hard!


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  • Candy and Curt

    Thanks for the update and way to go Mike for working so hard at moving back toward eating the way we all do….Thanks! We all want you around for a long time and Curt and I especially can’t wait for you and Lori to swing by Bend to spend some time with us….You two will love it here….so close to Mt. Bachelor and the snow is great this year!!! Hope to see you on Saturday!!!

  • Roz

    Took off the bracelet for the first time while we went to Cabo. I think it needs a good wash!!! Please tell Mike if he continues this nonsense I will need a bracelet in another color. He needs to eat! This is just killing my style!! oxox

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