It’s Thanksgiving All Over Again!

Today we went back to Mike’s original doctor/surgeon to review his progress.  The doctor put a scope down his nose to look at the progress Mike has made in his mouth, throat, tongue, and palette.  GOOD NEWS!  All of those areas look clear of cancer!!!!  I got to watch and everything looks pink and healthy (unlike the first time we looked where there was lots of grey and black).  He has some ulcers and those are collecting and spewing mucous, so that is partially why Mike still has so much mucous, but other than the ulcers and the rawness from the radiation, the mouth looks good!  We couldn’t have asked for better news.

Mike also had a CT scan last week, and he still has a mass on the side of his neck.  This may or may not be cancerous, but the doctor said that we will do a PET scan next month, and if it is cancerous, we can now surgically remove it!  This is also great news.  In the beginning we couldn’t do anything surgically because the mass was too large and too entangled with the rest of his organs, but now it’s an option!

So, while Mike is producing gallons of mucous (if we could turn it into alternative energy, he could run a small country), and he still can’t eat because his throat is still too sore, we are definitely on an upward trend and it’s Thanksgiving every day!

We are so grateful to everyone for sticking with us through this time.  It’s long and grueling, but the treatment has worked and is still working.  If it wasn’t for friends and family, I don’t how we could have gone through all of this!

One funny Mike story – for those of you who really know Mike…  We went shopping yesterday and we went into the Adidas store because Mike is so cold all the time and wanted some sweats to wear and keep him warm.  Of course, there were lots of options, but this one had too wide of stripes, this one was too baggy, this one had too big of a logo….you get the drift.  So, after searching the Adidas store, and the Nike store, and the Under Armour store, we came home without sweats.  Mike, our fashionista, is back!  He is back to worrying about his clothing looking perfect.  Now we know we have nothing to worry about!!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all!



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  • Ed

    Awesome news!!! With luck, Mike’ll be enjoying a glass (or five) of wine on Christmas!! Keep up the good work!! :)
    Love you guys! Happy Hanukkah!

  • Sue Richards

    What a wonderful update! So happy for all of you that Mike is on the other side of cancer. Yahoo!
    We loved the story about shopping for the perfect sweat pants :) We saw Lululemon!!! Cheers!

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