Here Comes the Sun

So, things are getting better.  Mike is still on a feeding tube, and yes, he still has an EXTREMELY sore throat, and lots and lots of mucous, but things are getting better.  Mike is much stronger for one.  He is looking so much healthier.  His skin doesn’t have that lovely yellow tint any more.

Last weekend, we went to Palm Springs to get some sunshine.  Mike has to be very careful in the sun.  His skin is so fragile.  But with a big floppy hat, he can do almost anything :)  We met up with lots of friends – Davis & Diane, Tim & Patsy, and Diane (we missed you Jeff!) – for a weekend of sun and fun.  On Friday, Mike even played 18 holes of golf and shot an honest 91.  His strength was good and he can still smack the ball.  We also had a lovely dinner at the Marshalls, and a great night out at Lavenders in La Quinta.  What a treat!

Now we are home and getting ready for Thanksgiving weekend – our family’s favorite time of the year.  We have our turkey and Austen is making yummy pies.  Friday, we do our annual Christmas tree hunt (Lori and Ken, where are you????) with all the kids, and a few extras who want to join in the fun.  Then, Saturday, we are taking Grandma Von to see the Sound of Music (shhh…don’t tell her – it’s a surprise).  Mike won’t be able to eat the food, but he can smell the wonderful smells and have a warm holiday weekend with all his kidlets around him.

Thanksgiving at the Stutsman house:

IMG_0182       IMG_0184R

IMG_0183       IMG_0188

IMG_0192     mike at thanksgiving

We are so grateful for the continuing well wishes and prayers.  Thank you to whomever mowed our lawn and raked our leaves. I don’t know who did it – but we SOOOO appreciate it!  (hmmm, I’m thinking Rick or Toby).  Thank you to our friends in Palm Springs for making a special trip out to the desert to see us.  It was so great to see you – you gave us good energy for healing!  Thank you to Sue for bringing over the yummy Great Harvest bread.  Thank you to Jim for sending us amazing wine that I will save for when Mike can enjoy it!  Thank you to the Seahawks beating the Niners (sorry Ed & Helen).

Most importantly, thank you to YOU for caring enough to read this blog and think good thoughts.  We can’t do it without you!

To you I wish you much love and thanksgiving warmth.  I know I have so much to be thankful for this year!  Remember to hug your families tight.


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  • Ed Glantz

    Great news, thanks Lori!
    Love you guys!

    p.s. – celebrating the Hawks beating the Niners on Sunday is kinda like enjoying watching a fox tear through a chicken coop (headless chickens at that) but if it made Mike happy then it’s all good, LOL! Just wait until next year (ha ha ha ha, I’m still pining for the team from 3 decades ago…)

  • Sue Richards

    What a beautiful post. So happy to hear that Mike is on the road to recovery. Enjoy your family time and all your traditions.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s to good health!

  • Liz

    Mike and I both have so much to be thankful for this year. I am so happy for both of us. I know how tough the battle but kicking c@ncers ass is the best. Happy Thanksgiving.

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