After the Rain…

…a rainbow occurs!  Seattle_Rainbow

So after 5 feeding tubes with 5 surgeries and multiple trips to the emergency room, it appears that Mike is now stable and can finally get nutrition without fearing that he’ll be knocked to the ground again.  They say the 5th time is a charm :).

Finally, Mike is feeling better and on the path to recovery.  He is still so thin, and still has a lot of pain in his mouth, but his energy level is way up and he is able to enjoy life.  In fact, he was at work, in the office, ALL FIVE DAYS this week!  It’s truly remarkable.

Last week, we had 2 visitors from out of town, who flew a long way just to see Mike.  First, Greg came in town from Texas over the weekend.  It was so great to have him here.  Greg is sort of Mike’s big brother from the old Phi Zeta Chi days.  Greg is an awesome friend, and was there when I needed him most, during Mike’s 5th feeding tube surgery where Mike was so frustrated and angry.  Greg was my shoulder to cry on (literally) and I so appreciate his friendship.

Here is a picture from the way-back machine with Mike and Greg:

aug 2009 114

Then, Nick flew in from London to visit Mike!  Well, he had to be in Texas that week, but he came to Seattle before Texas just to see Mike.  Again, what an amazing friend.  We have known Nick since Mike and I lived in London in the early 80s. He is so fun to have in the house!

Here is a picture of Mike and Nick from last weekend – great friends!

Mike and Nick

Over the weekend, Mike, Austen and I went to go see the new James Bond movie, Spectre.  I am not a Bond fan, but went because I wanted to be with Austen and Mike, and actually I really liked the movie!  It was terrific.  Mike, of course, loved it so much that he went on Sunday again to watch it with Hunter and Kasey.  They had a boys day together.  It was so nice to see.  The kids were all over during the weekend, which we love.  They asked Mike if we could still do our annual Christmas Tree hunt, if he drove, but they did all the work – including the hiking, finding, sawing, and hauling.  They were so cute – especially Kasey – and didn’t want to give up our tradition on the day after Thanksgiving.  Of course, Mike said sure – he wasn’t going to let a little thing like cancer get in his way. (Of course it would be so much better if we had the Howards with us like old times).

Next week, we are spending a weekend in Palm Springs.  Mike felt well enough to fly (see what I mean?).  The sunshine will do him so much good.  We are going to meet up with our friends, Davis & Diane, Tim & Patsy, and hopefully Diane.

So despite all the brutality of October, November is shaping up to be a great month.  In 2 weeks, it will be Thanksgiving, and we have so much to be thankful for this year! Our family. Our friends. Our neighbors. Our warm home. And an improvement in health!  Thank you to all you angels. I know I keep saying this, but your support means SO much to us. We keep getting little treats dropped off, and cards in the mail, and texts at just the right time, and friends to visit with, play with, and keep our spirits up.  We love you all.

Have a great week!  Hug your family and friends.  Don’t be afraid to hug extra hard and let people know how much they mean to you!!





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  • siiri

    so glad to hear things are looking up finally for everyone! I was checking the blog every day this past week as I’ve been on the road again, and last night I was going to send a text but decided I would wait one more day to see if there was any news. Sending all my love and well wishes for a sunny week ahead leading up to much needed relaxing in palm springs.
    Hugs and love,

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