Week 8….the Journey Continues

Weeks 8 and 9 are almost complete now.  Sorry I haven’t written in a while.  Life moves on.  Mike is getting stronger with the nutrition and that is such a wonderful thing. He is still very underweight and frail but he is able to take care of himself, and has started feeling human again.  He is even back doing work – handling key client issues.  It’s a great reprieve from his sores, pain, and nausea. He is also back poking at me and harassing me – nothing has changed there :)

Last weekend, I took a weekend away with Noelle to get a few days of rest.  It was so great.  We took long walks every day and enjoyed the sunshine.  We played that funky music and had a sing a thon by the pool, along with searching La Quinta for a sports bar that had the Washington State game.  We went to the Beer Hunter (yes, that is their name) and spent almost an entire day watching football.  It was a great time and a much needed recharge of the batteries.  When we came back, we were greeted at the airport by Mike with a long stem red rose for each of us.

So week 8 was tough.  Mike felt even worse (is that possible?) with the radiation burns at their maximum and the mucusitis unrelenting.  On Monday, we had to get a new feeding tube, but the new tube seemed to work better, and Mike was able to get more food.  While I was gone, Austen moved into the house and all 3 kids took care of Mike.  When I called, Austen and Mike were tying knots – practicing for fishing and the fire department.  I think it was great for Mike.  I really appreciate my kids taking good care of their dad!

Week 9, this week, was a bit better.  We both had more energy to face what came our way.  Things were going along smoothly, we had a very positive appointment with the doctor on Wednesday. He said that Mike was responding very well.  The mucusitis was a sign that his throat is trying to heal.  Mike’s outer skin is looking really good – the Emu oil is doing its job!  We have stopped the weight loss and things are looking up.  Then, on Friday, Mike’s feeding tube came out unexpectedly.  We wound up back in the emergency room (they know us now), and Mike had another surgery to get a new tube in.  This time, though, it was easy and Mike didn’t even need general anesthesia.  He actually asked to brave the pain so he could get some work done.  What a trooper!


We came home, and Mike did very well.  Today, we are going to head out and run some errands – Mike wants to use his radiation mask as a scary decoration for Halloween.  We are getting better and better.  Looking forward to a fun holiday season this year!

There are so many angels to thank!  Angels include Sue & Toby for an amazing dinner, Anne & Tom for another amazing dinner, Noelle for her friendship and the beautiful Glassy Baby, JoAnn & Paul for cool Seahawks gear, and so many cards, letters, prayers and more.  We really appreciate the support from our tribe.  My sincere thanks.  I am humbled by your thoughtfulness.




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  • Candy & Curt

    Mike and Lori so glad to hear your uphill journey is leveling out as you get closer to health!!! Love you guys! C&C

  • Ed Glantz

    Thanks so much for all the updates (and pictures!) Lor! It really makes us feel like we’re involved (even if we’re not doing anything other than wearing the bracelet and saying a daily prayer). I could tell from some texting with Mike that he is feeling better, just the way he’s back to joking around,and it makes me SO happy! He is truly blessed to have such a loving and supporting family caring for him!
    Love you guys!

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