If we can survive the treatment, we can survive anything!

Week 6 is now in the can.  “Can” is an interesting word.  What can you tolerate, what can you deal with, what can you survive?  Mike is such a trooper, and so strong, and yet, this treatment is kicking his butt!

He still is so nauseous, he can’t eat a thing.  It’s been about 10 days now since he has eaten.  He has lost so much weight, he doesn’t want to get on the scale.  He is just skin over bones.  We go into the hospital for hydration treatments 3 times a week, so that is helping with hydration, but doesn’t do anything for nutrition.  He has what looks like a bad sunburn on his neck, and has started getting some sores from it.  They look like bad sunburn scars that try to heal over but can’t.  The mucous in his mouth is so thick and constant that he doesn’t want to talk or smile.  I feel so bad for him.



On Monday, we are getting a feeding tube to help get him some nutrients.  It’s a minor surgery, but can have complications, so we will have to stay overnight in the hospital.  I am actually relieved about this.  Mike has tried so hard to eat without nausea and it just can’t be done.  We have put together every combination of food that we possibly can, but he just can’t tolerate anything.  So, it’s time.  It’s time to start getting some nutrition so he can fight back.  We don’t know how long he will be on it, but it will be for some time – likely 3-4 weeks.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  In this case, they are absolutely right.  We are stronger than ever and won’t let this break us!  Every day is a challenge.  Every day is exhaustion.  Every day is a test that we pass!

Tonight, our wonderful friends, Candy and Curt, have made us dinner and are coming over to have a meal with us.  We are so grateful for all of you who have helped and are continuing to help us!  Tom brought me dinner on Wednesday because he and Janet knew I wasn’t eating.  They made me a big spaghetti dinner that was FABULOUS!!  Jane came over on Sunday and celebrated the Hawks victory with us – we had such a great time!  Victoria can’t seem to help herself and keeps bringing treats and nutritional products. :)  Susie and Doug bought over a whole bag of things to try for Mike.  Plus, I love the notes, talks, prayers from all of you!!!  It keeps us going.

We have 6 days of treatment left, and then another month of time where Mike will still feel like he is on chemo and radiation.  We will continue with the hydration treatments 3 times a week until he is able to drink enough to keep himself hydrated.  But after the 2nd week after treatment ends, he should slowly start feeling better.  Our goal is that by Christmas he will feel good again!!!

Have a great week everyone and remember to hug your loved ones tonight!



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  • minneattle

    You are both so strong. What an inspiration! Sure hope the feeding tube will help MIke get the nutrients he needs. We are keeping you in our daily prayers. We are here for you!

    Be well!
    Sue & Toby


    Stuts, you got to keep kicking it’s ass! Your friends out there seem so awesomely strong and helpful for you and the family and we feel the love in each update.

    We just dodged a Category 5 hurricane out here and I know that you can do the same!! Time and days go by so fast but I think about you every day. Man, just get through this one, we’ll meet in Palm Springs this summer, then the rest of our lives should be as easy as wheelies on 10 speeds!

    Lori, you are awesome! I told him when he was 13 (maybe 17) that he should marry you!

    So much love, and I wish I could give you anything on my body to help you!

  • Siiri Sampson

    Sending my love and a million good thoughts your guys’ way. You are so strong and I am cheering you on from afar. I have never known a family as strong in conviction and determination as yours and I know you guys will bust through that wall again in Week 7. Hang in there, you’re on the back 9 now, and that’s a great spot to see the finish line of treatment.
    All my love and support,

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